Friday, March 28, 2014

Life according to my phone

Roxx's new way to hold his binkie!
How adorable is that face?!
Pizza with Dad.  Including Jace's new funny face!
Kade had "dress like a pirate day" at school.
He makes a dang cute pirate!
Loving all of Roxx's rolls!
Jace enjoying momma time!
A little to young to like the IPad, don't you think?!
Enjoying my boys!
Kade and I went to his cousins (Karlee & Austin) play!  
They were fantastic.  It was great!
Just being adorable!
Jace LOVES trucks!
Roxx army crawls EVERYWHERE!
Kade and his long hair.  
He hated it, so it is now short again.  
And to him, will never be long again.
Three cuties in the tub.
What a wonderful, full life!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Kade is 5!

I can't believe that five years ago
we were chosen to be parents!
Best gift ever!
 Kade wanted to open the present from Jace first.
They were both so excited.
 One thing in the bag, stickers!
 And you have to love, brotherly love!
 In Kades words, 
"Can we get those blowy things, that go out and back for my birthday?"
 Jace was also excited to give Kade his balloons.
 Kade wanted a pirate birthday.
And a pajama party.
So we did a treasure chest birthday cake.
I think it turned out pretty cute!
 Everyone wore their pajamas, 
he loved it.
 And he loved having everyone sing, to him!
He looked forward to this birthday very much.
We have counted it down, since December!
Kade, we love you.
We are so happy to have you call us mom and dad!
Happy 5th Birthday!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

O Christmas Tree

 Christmas time with three boys is the greatest!
We decorated two trees this year. 
Kade has one in his room,
and the family tree.
He loves, loves, loves putting on the 
Christmas star!

 Kade's tree is the Laker tree that Kevin's family 
gave him a few years ago. 
He has enjoyed having a tree in his room!
 This picture kills me of Jace. 
His face, his hair, I love it all!

 On to the big tree. 
This is Jace's first ornament.

 Kade sang the whole time he decorated the tree.

 My three Santas!
Kade, 5 in January.
 Jace, two.
 Roxx, 3 months.
 Roxx and his first and only ornament.

 Oh man, I love this face!

As you can see, we are so blessed!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Birthday Boy!

I can't believe that our 
crazy, sweet, & happy
Jace turned two!
Grandma came early to help out for the birthday dinner.
We love all the help she gives us.
We had dinosaur cupcakes.
He loved showing them off.
I love how he is holding Kevins arm in this picture!
His shirt reads true, 
"Daddy's got my back"
He loved having everyone sing 
to him!
Two candles sure do blow out easy!
He got a little car, a book and an outfit from 
Grandma Karma and Grandpa Jerry.
The book made noises and both the boys loved that.
He got a wiggle bike from mom and dad.
Cousin Karlee liked riding along with him.
But trust me he is a pro!
He has taken Kades for many rides, 
so he knows just what to do.
Kade played soccer with the neighbors.
And had to stop to pose!
From Nan and Bomba (as he calls him)
he got an awesome truck that he runs around the house with.
The whole family got cupcakes after a delicious meal.
We sure do love you Jace!
I can't believe you are finally two.
Not five like you tell so many people.